Awesome companies


During the last year I got to meet several companies. With some I just had a chat over coffee or during a rock concert, with some ran a couple of consulting sessions, for some I did some coding work, with some I discussed maters of process management and agile adoption. With some I interviewed for various fulltime roles, and from some I got very attractive offers.

I’d like to point out a few of the most awesome ones. If you ever get a chance to work with them or for them – you won’t be wrong to take it. Asana ( Suffice to say that interviewing with them was the single most difficult interview I have ever gone through. And I have been through some hairy interviews in my time. Just browse their team page, full of successful startup veterans, to understand their capacity for execution, and deep understanding of how a web company is to be build on business, tech and team spirit aspects. Bizzabo ( I wish they were around back when I ran IDCC ‘09. The team is super focused, and their product is great. Take a couple of minutes off this page, and go read Commerce Sciences ( If having Ron Gross there was not enough, they recently added Oren Ellenbogen to their impressive cast. I had the immense pleasure to work with these guys for quite some time. You’ll be able to learn a ton just by being around them. If you’re not following their tweeters and blogs, go do that right now. And if all that is still not enough, the founders have long, successful history in e-commerce and global-scale web services. E-commerce analysis suddenly sounds super interesting! Gogobot ( With an incredible ability to deliver top-quality features in virtually no-time, focus on customers, tons of talent and super fun team spirit, this gang is re-inventing social travel planning. If you’re travelling somewhere without using the service you are missing out. If you are looking for great team to work with in the Bay area – give them a call. Windward ( This was a refreshing change from all the social-web-mobile-2.0 related companies. these guys are back to basics – solving some actual problems for actual customers with actual money. Forget the long tail – we’re talking big-time clients. They are also dealing with some seriously complex data-crunching, and non-trivial tech challenges. The management crew are extremely professional, experienced and friendly. I spent a truly remarkable month with them, and I’m sure anyone who will be working with them would feel the same. Yotpo ( I think that Tomer and Omri have one of the best age:matureness ratio in the business. They also appear to be able to crack down the social e-commerce formula into a compelling business model. YouSites ( A really unique atmosphere. Working from an old villa in the relaxed Rehovot suburb, with home-cocked food and pets running around. Their sunlit garden is one of the best meeting rooms I’ve been to. With a passionate and experienced team, they got a nice thing going there. Keep an eye on them.

I might have forgotten a few others (sorry) – it has been a crazy year after all

Some of these places are hiring. If you are awesome (you probably are if you’re reading my blog) and want an introduction – ping me.

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