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Annoying Service (B4F97281-0DBD-4835-9ED8-7DFB966E87FF) in Visual Studio 2005 project files



Your projects in Visual Studio 2005 are behaving strangely, sometimes not building with funny errors, and tend to marked as modified in your source control

When trying to isolate the problem:

you diff your *proj file against a previous version and find this entry:

<Service Include=”{B4F97281-0DBD-4835-9ED8-7DFB966E87FF}” />

Why is it happening?

You probably have installed VS 2005 SDK, with the DSL tools.

It has a bug in the Text Templating service.

Should have been fixed in VS SDK RTM 4.0, but it hadn’t (apparently, as it happened on my machine after installing RTM 4.0)

I saw a promise that the on Orcas SDK it’s fixed. I guess that mean that in VS 2005 SDK it won’t get fixed.

How to solve (dirty - but working):

using your favorite registry editor, locateHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\Packages{a9696de6-e209-414d-bbec-a0506fb0e924} andHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0Exp\Packages{a9696de6-e209-414d-bbec-a0506fb0e924}remove (or rename) them, and the Text Templating service won’t start, and your *proj files would stay intact.


If you do need the Text Templating service, then I can’t help ya.

Read also at:

Forget about Reflector-ing the BCL - the real deal is here


Another nice news from Scott Guthrie:

a small excerpt:

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ll be providing this with the .NET 3.5 and VS 2008 release later this year.

The "Exec" task needs a command to execute, the poor thing


Here’s a strange error message.

I was trying to build a project in VS2005, and got this instead of a successful build:

The “Exec” task needs a command to execute.

After pooling out a few hairs, I remembers that I recently have edited the pre-build actions for this project.

Looking this up, I found that I left a spare newline at the end of the pre-build script. So VS2005 sent msbuild an order to run an empty command.

Now I wonder,had the VS2005 guys have ever heard of StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries?

They could’ve easily ignore empty lines, or better yet, issue a warning for that kinda stuff.

Ruby.NET integration in Visual Studio, plus debugging support


I’ve just got the announcement from the Ruby.NET team at QUT, about the new beta release, numbered 0.7.

The two major things in there:

  1. the compiler now creates pdb files, which means that it can be debugged with the interactive debuggers,

  2. Visual Studio 2005 integration, including Ruby projects.

Can’t wait to check this out.

I’d like to see if I can do some integration into the AspView project, to enable a RubyOnMonoRail thing. I guess it’d have to wait for the BCL integration, promised to be released around the end of this year, but it is quite interesting as it is right now.

ActiveWriter - 2nd preview is out


ActiveWriter is a VS2005 plugin, that adds a new item type for your projects. This item is actually a visual designer for ActiveRecord classes. Quite neat, and hopefully will increase the penetration of Castle’s ActiveRecord to the “If there’s no VS wizard, I do not use it” kinda guys.

You can read about it and download it from

Speed up Visual Studio 2005 SP1 install


The SP1 of Visual Studio 2005 was out, and it was (almost) great.

Why almost? If you have tried to install it, then you must know. It takes a LOT of time to run. And it uses a LOT of resources. If you do not believe me, take a look at what Ayende has been writing while installing it.

Luckily, Jon Gallowai has blogged about a patch to shorten the setup time.

Take a look, if you care for you cpu time.

AspView rev 38 is out


What we have:

  1. Default Helpers are now declared in the AspViewBase. It means that you can use <%=FormHelper.LabelFor(…) %> without the need to declare the helper at the begining of the view.

  2. the compiler was refactored to allow for better testing, and for implementation of further view languages. vurrently I’ve started with VB.NET but it is not working yet, since I have no time to make sure the VB syntax is correct. The tests of the compiler are missing due to some stupidity on my side, of not commiting the TestCase …

I’ve wanted to let svn access but I have some trouble with that. I’ve started a sourceforge project but I cannot upload the repo to the site. I did all they’ve asked on the site but the import process reporting failure no matter what I do. I guess that the best way will be if the Castle team would allow AspView into it’s codebase, maybe on the Contrib repo to begin with …

So meanwhile you can download the current bits from here.

Keep me posted,


AspView - first release


So I’m releasing AspView.

You can download the source from here.

It was written against the Castle 1.1 from the trunk, build no. 152.

Please note that in order to run the TestCases you’d have to make sure that the latest Castle.MonoRail.TestSupport is in the GAC.

The documentation is poor since I have a little time now. I am working on a website for my employer (that utilizes AspView and AR) and until the first beta release I won’t have time to do anything but major bugfixes. This project isn’t open sourced so I won’t be able to share it’s sources, however since this will be a public site, it would serve as a Proof Of Concept to the MonoRail and AspView.

The views MUST have the following structure: a. Page header - Must be present for intellisense to work:

   1:  &lt;%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="Castle.MonoRail.Views.AspView.ViewAtDesignTime"%&gt;

b. Directives - Not mandatory:

   1:  &lt;%@ Import Namespace="System.Text"%&gt;   2:  &lt;%@ Import Namespace="System.Drawing"%&gt;

c. Properties decleration - Currently it’s mandatory. If you have no properties you mast have an empty block:

   1:  &lt;%   2:  string[] strings;   3:      DateTime today;   4:  int index;   5:  %&gt;

or just

   1:  &lt;%   2:  %&gt;

d. View body

In a layout view you place the inner view using the ViewContents property, like this:

   1:  blah   2:  blah   3:  &lt;%=ViewContents%&gt;   4:  blah   5:  blah

AspView - Yet another MonoRail ViewEngine


.hlt { background-color:yellow;}
So what is AspView?

It is a Visual Studio 2005 friendly ViewEngine implementation.

The scripting is done using VisualStudio languages (c# and VB.NET). The views are precompiled, (or can be compiled on-demand, but anyway not interpreted).

The project was inspired by the Brail ViewEngine, but since it doesn’t use Boo it is more Management-Friendly, since they need not worry about getting out of the “safe” microsoft world.

I tend to like Boo as a language very much, and I like Brail a lot, too (since it allows for less code in the view thanks to the Boo magic) but I lack the tight Visual Studio integration (opening .boo files in #Develop messes up my desktop), and the intellisense is quite important, at least for the developers I worl with.

So I will post in the next few days about it, and I’ll make it available to be downloaded (source and binary) as soon as I’ll test it a little more. I hope to have a public svn repository soon.

A little demo view:

   1:  &lt;%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="Castle.MonoRail.Views.AspView.ViewAtDesignTime"%&gt;   2:  &lt;%   3:  string[] strings;   4:  %&gt;   5:     6:     7:  hello from index&lt;br /&gt;   8:  This are the strings:&lt;br /&gt;   9:  &lt;%foreach (string s in strings) { %&gt;  10:  &lt;%=s %&gt;&lt;br /&gt;  11:  &lt;%  } %&gt;  12:    13:  &lt;br /&gt;  14:  End of normal view  15:  &lt;br /&gt;  16:  &lt;% OutputSubView("Home/SubViewSample"); %&gt;

ASP.NET 2.0 Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Gotchas - By Scott Guthrie


Scott Guthrie has recently posted this. He is pointing out to a few dozens of posts about ASP.NET 2.0.

The stuff there ranges from UI tweaks, security, performance, VS2005 tips and more.

A “must be in the favorites or even as a desktop shortcut preferably with keyboard shortcut too” for everyone who deals with ASP.NET developing.

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